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About Us

Our Vision is for a community where everyone has access to freshly picked, truly locally grown, nutrient-dense produce in their daily diets, consuming meals prepared with love and in contribution to the health and vitality of our community.


Our Mission is to provide this access through the creation of delicious meals and snacks that are health-promoting, improve the quality of life for the consumer, and support local farms.

Sourced Conscious Cuisine seeks to leave the lightest footprint we can on the planet. We offer a service in support of our customers, growers, community, staff and the planet.



Bluebird Canyon Farm in Laguna Beach

Bluebird Canyon Farm

Bluebird Canyon Farms is a 15 acre operating bio-dynamic farm, education and design center located within the vibrant coastal community of Laguna Beach, California. Set into the hillside with sweeping ocean views, the farm is a place for people to gather and enjoy nature, a place of innovation, a place to exchange ideas and to develop tools and practices so that we can build a better future together. We host community events and workshops to inspire the community to incorporate sustainable ecological practices into their lives. http://www.bluebirdcanyonfarms.com

South Coast Farms

South Coast Farms produces certified organic fruits and vegetables on 28 acres in San Juan Capistrano and 4 acres in Tustin. http://southcoastfarms.com

Alegría Farms

Alegría Farms

Alegría Farms, located at the Great Park in Irvine, is a solar powered high-performance urban farm that employs hydroponic vertical farming and organic Soxx systems to produce and distribute superior, locally grown salad greens, herbs and vegetables within the urban environment. http://www.alegriafarms.com

Orange County Produce

Orange County Produce

A.G. and Matthew Kawamura are third generation growers and shippers of fresh produce who farm along and within the urban boundaries of Orange County, California. Their company, Orange County Produce, LLC, engages in year around production and marketing of fruits and vegetables. http://www.ocproduce.com/about_us.asp

Manassero Farms

Manassero Farms in Irvine is a 3rd generation family farm producing certified organic fruits and vegetables in Irvine. The farm supplies organic food for their produce stands and offers tours, events and education on site. http://www.manasserofarms.com

We are proud to support these hardworking farmers who passionately devote their lives to producing great tasting and nutrient dense food in Orange County.

Orange County Produce

Jessica McLeish


Through her intensive research on nutrition and the biochemical effects of food upon the body, McLeish was inspired to learn the art of preparing delicious meals that support the body to heal itself, working with freshly picked ingredients from local farms and eliminating inflammatory ingredients such as dairy, flours, sugars and gluten. With the discovery of the extraordinary healing properties of freshly picked food, she learned to create meals that taste great and appeal to all types of palates. She hopes to inspire others to create their own health by eating more natural raw foods without sacrificing gourmet taste.

McLeish has a 20-year career in public relations and marketing, with 15 years as a public relations agency owner. In her spare time, she got involved with building an urban farm business in Orange County, and enjoyed the fresh vegetables from the farm daily. Each had been carefully and expertly grown to the fullest nutrient density and were freshly harvested. As a foodie, Jessica was always finding ways to concoct gourmet cuisine from whatever veggies were being grown at the farm. Over time, Jessica began to create tasty raw and vegan recipes using what was in season and landed in her kitchen from the farm. She found ways to create great taste while eliminating the ingredients that cause inflammation, and maintaining the nutrient density of the food.

Jessica began moonlighting as a private chef specializing in raw vegan food preparation for an exclusive clientele, some of which were suffering from chronic health conditions and others who just wanted to eat great and feel great. Her pure enjoyment of assisting people in this way led her to launch Sourced Cuisine so that this service could be made available to a broader audience.

“If you tell me that you love cupcakes and pizza (and who doesn’t?), I would bet that we can create a no-sugar cupcake made entirely of fruit and nuts, and a vegan, grain-free pizza that will satisfy your craving,” says Jessica. “The plant kingdom is abundant with flavors. With creativity and freshly picked ingredients, we can develop foods that taste so good, you wont feel deprived.”

Chef Annalisa Partida

Annalisa Partida


Chef and Certified Nutritionist Annalisa Partida was fortunate to be raised by a nutritionist in a household with no packaged food products and no microwave. This created the perfect environment for her to cultivate her skills as a natural foods chef.
She was taught the principals of delicious and healthy cooking by her mother, Certified Nutritionist Liliana Partida with the Center for New Medicine. Here she also learned the value of health, longevity and how to fuel the body with the right foods. After graduating from Cal State Fullerton with a Bachelor’s degree, she continued to pursue knowledge and develop her skills to become a clinical certified nutritionist and chef.
Chef Annalisa specializes in creating great tasting, healthy, organic, ketogenic and gluten-free meals. She creates medically prescribed meals for the patients at the Center for New Medicine, that are anti-inflammatory meals with the highest level of nutrition from freshly picked and locally grown produce. These meals are designed with the least amount of impact to the client’s blood sugar. She creates meals that give the body the foundation it needs to thrive and heal in ways that would be hindered by the standard American diet.
She says, “Teaming up with Sourced Cuisine and my mother has brought my passion for preparing food with the highest nutritional value to the next level.  I know you will enjoy the great taste, variety and love we put into our food. I hope you are amazed by how the specific preparation of these meals will help you achieve many of your health goals. We have done all the work for you in sourcing freshly picked, nutrient dense and organically grown foods so that you can feel confident that your meals have been prepared with love and science in mind. Food truly is the best medicine in the world.”

Danielle Gallo, creative nutritional chef

Danielle Gallo


Chef Danielle Gallo is a creative nutritional chef, using a unique combination of flavors, love for food and passion for fitness to design upscale farm to table menus to keep clients energetic and at their fullest potential. Her expertise with world cuisine, and her love for the art is evident in the flavor combinations she creates. She enjoys finding the most fragrant herbs and spices and freshly picked nutrient-dense produce harvested from mineral rich soil to create a health and immune supportive environment in the body. Her specialties include ketogenic adaptive, weight loss, world cuisine and local farm-to-table cuisine.

Danielle grew up in a restaurant kitchen, with her father the owner and operator of several successful Italian restaurants, country clubs and steakhouses throughout Los Angeles. Her mother was the owner of health spas and nutritional counseling centers in the 1970s and raised Danielle on a completely natural diet. Her grandmothers are wonderful Italian cooks and successful caterers. Cooking is in her blood, and Danielle has been cooking and mastering the art of food since she was a child tall enough to reach the kitchen countertop.

Danielle is also a certified pilates instructor, personal trainer and competitive beach volleyball player, earning a AAA rating. She has worked individually with celebrities to develop customized nutrition and training programs to achieve their weight loss and health goals.

Liliana Partida, Certified Nutritionist

Liliana Partida

Certified Nutritionist

Liliana Partida is a nutritionist with the Center for New Medicine and an advisor to Sourced Conscious Cuisine. At the Center for New Medicine, Liliana advises people of what to eat to prevent, treat or even reverse disease.

Liliana views food as medicine, a hormonal messenger, and possibly the most powerful drug on the planet to cause or cure most disease.  In her view food is more than calories in and calories out, it is information that impacts every aspect of our biology and health.

With over 30-years of experience and advanced certifications, Liliana Partida has a true passion for inspiring healthy change her clients’ lives.

Growing up on a farm in northern California, Liliana was blessed with parents who truly understand the concept of farm-to-table eating as a way of life. Her exposure to homemade organic food preparation fueled her passion for cooking with superior quality and taste. Her mother passed on her love of natural cooking and Liliana passed that love on to her daughter Annalisa, who is also a clinical nutritionist and natural foods chef with Sourced Cuisine.

As a competitive track athlete and State Champion, Liliana used many alternative and nutritional support methods to enhance her performance. With a degree from Yuba College, CA, she soon became a perpetual student of continuing education in the dynamic field of integrative health and wellbeing. Embarking on her career at an early age, Liliana was inspired to follow her passion in the health and fitness industry.

Liliana later went on to co-own and operate one of the most successful all women’s health clubs in San Rafael, CA, which empowered her to become an international speaker and health educator. While living abroad for 8 years, Liliana lectured and taught in Spain, Switzerland, Indonesia, Singapore, Manila, Malaysia, and Mexico. After returning to the United States, she became a Nutritional Microscopist, Certified Nutritionist, and Bio-Energetic Specialist. For the last 14 years she has co-created with Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy science based nutritional programs for the Center for New Medicine in Irvine Ca.

With her international and educational background, Liliana has structured a revolutionary lifestyle plan for her clients. The “Total Body Plan” focuses on anti-aging and disease prevention by empowering her clients to improve their overall immune system, health, and appearance.

Liliana says, “I have had the greatest success with my patients at the Center For New Medicine on keto-adaptive meals. Many patients experience weight loss, decrease in inflammation, pain, body fat and an increase in vitality and mental clarity. The number one obstacle most people face in changing to this diet is time. Sourced Cuisine overcomes that obstacle by offering deliciously prepared keto-adaptive meals made with the highest quality locally grown organic vine-ripened vegetables, fruits and pasture-raised meats, offering clients a better quality of life.”